More About Me

Hello out there, Rebecca here!

Born and raised in the Greater Seattle Area and now raising my own family here; I love my city. I love my State! There are endless mountains to explore, nearly 200 rivers coursing around thousands of lakes, coastlines cradled by tempestuous saltwater, amazing local ingredients to tinker with in the kitchen, local wine to imbibe, vibrant communities, amazing Seattle teams to cheer for, and I’m running out of breath! Point being, there’s a lot to love.

Whether you are a seasoned resident or a newcomer to this region, we can all agree that we want to truly feel AT-HOME each day. This ideal looks different to everyone. It is my operative to help you find that “special place”. Your IDEAL HOME.

Starting your journey in real estate whether you are a buying a home or a selling a home, or both, can feel intimidating. Where do you begin? How do you prepare? What should you expect? Who will help you? What in the world is a CMA?!? Every buyer or seller needs a trusted guide with the expertise and dedication to get them from that place to “We have our dream home!” I want to be that guide for you.

I am a multi-faceted agent with a passion for the intricate world of real estate. With a background as a home inspector, I understand all aspects of a property, ensuring that buyers make informed decisions and, move in to a healthy home. My love for design works as a tool I wield to transform houses into homes, working with stagers and clients to make them irresistibly appealing to potential buyers. As a seasoned event coordinator, I believe in crafting memorable experiences, and I bring this ethos to the real estate realm through engaging open houses and showings. Whether you're buying a new home or selling your current one, I am your go-to expert in the real estate journey. I'm equipped to provide comprehensive guidance and a seamless experience from the moment you decide to enter the market to the final signature on the contract. I am dedicated to ensuring that your real estate endeavors are not just transactions, but transformative moments in your life!


Need help now? Planning ahead? Just curious, and have questions? Wherever you are on your real estate journey let us connect! Message me here, or call my number. I look forward to it!